Citywide Cleanup

loveshreveport 2019 Citywide Cleanup
December 14, 2019 8AM-12PM

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This form sets forth terms and conditions applicable to volunteer service with Shreveport Green. Shreveport Green organizes litter cleanups and beautification projects. These activities involve bending, walking, and picking up small trash items with a hand-held litter grabber to the need to pick up any trash with one's hand. They also may include digging, planting and/or removal of plants using gloves and gardening tools (shovel, hoe, rake, cultivator). Every precaution will be taken to keep adults and children/youth safe during these activities.


I understand that the work performed may involve physical labor, light lifting, use of non-electrical tools, exposure to heat, plants, grass, and other risks not specifically set forth herein.


I, the undersigned understand and acknowledge the risks associated with the stated activities hereby release Shreveport, its Board of Directors, its staff, The City of Shreveport, and any of its associates or contractors from all liability for any injury to me from participation in Shreveport sponsored activities. I also give permission to Shreveport Green to use my name or photographic likeness of me or my child in any form of media to publicize or promote community activities or services without compensation. Any child under the age of 18 must have a parent's signature included next to his/her name to participate.