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Community Gardens

Community Gardens

Although Shreveport Green has been assisting with community gardens for years, we really increased our efforts two years ago with the help of a Blue Cross Blue Shield of Louisiana Foundation grant. As part of a 17-organization collaborative, we created 8 Garden Learning Communities. These gardens, located throughout Mooretown, Cedar Grove, Caddo Heights, Highland, and Ledbetter Heights. Although the grant is ending, we intend to keep busy with these gardens and firmly establish the seeds we have sown!

These 8 gardens are in addition to ones we maintain at the Food Bank and assist with at Mercy Center. Aided by grants from Lowes and Keep America Beautiful, we have increased these plots with even bigger plans in the future!

Community Orchards

With the help of the Alliance for Community Trees, we started the first orchard in Allendale in 2012. In 2013 we obtained a Fruitful Canopy grant from the Office of Forestry to add orchards at all of our community gardens. We have since obtained a UPS grant to add a special section of fruit trees at our Growing Station at Walter B. Jacobs Park. This enables us to create our own source of fruit trees! Species include Satsuma, pomegranate, several varieties of fig, sweet and sour persimmons, and pears. We have also added blue berries and black berries to round out our fruit offerings!

Rain Barrels

Rain Barrles

Need relief from drought conditions... or a hefty water bill? Shreveport Green has 55-gallon rain barrels for sale for $50, with a $5 delivery fee. An attractive dark green, they blend well into the outdoors. They are equipped with a brass spigot, ready to attach a hose for watering or filling a watering can!

Composting Tumblers

Created out of need to hasten the composting process, we adapted some 55-gallon barrels into tumbling composters. They are for sale for $75. They are easy to use and really speed up the process!

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