Daffodil Planting and Sales

Encouraged by a visit by Lynden Miller of New York, Shreveport Green has embarked on an effort to blanket Shreveport in daffodils! Lynden's national project was begun after 911 in New York. Hundreds of thousands of daffodils were given to New York in the bleak aftermath to help lift the spirits of the citizens in the neighborhoods. It was so successful and so appreciated by the residents that it has continued to grow. Shreveport Green sells prime daffodil bulbs every fall, and is frequently able to donate thousands of bulbs to area schools and playgrounds. Orders are placed in September and October and delivered in November. Check the website and Facebook page for exact dates.



With the assistance of Louisiana DOTD and the City of Shreveport, Shreveport Green plants wildflowers every fall. Urban wildflower patches are difficult to maintain due to competition from grasses and the need for a "messy look" while re-seeding. Citizens like their medians and corridors groomed!! But during the 4-week blooming period, they are spectacular. One particular site on Fern Avenue at 70th is maintained by a devoted volunteer. She religiously weeds, grooms, and re-seeds the site, often seeding three to four times a year! We wish we had the manpower and funding to take her ideas citywide, but maintenance of these sites is expensive and labor-intensive!

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