Neighborhood & Education Program

The Neighborhood Program was formed in 1993 through the partnership of Shreveport Green and the City of Shreveport to preserve and enhance the livability of inner city neighborhoods. We work with various entities to improve the cleanliness, safety, health and beauty of Shreveport communities. We work with caring citizens to improve the quality of life in their communities.

Program Goal

Children and youth care about the environment

To improve and preserve the beauty, cleanliness, and health of urban neighborhoods by promoting interest and activism for a suitable living environment.

Program Services

  • Public Speaking - speak/meet with neighborhood, youth, faith based institutions, and schools
  • Meeting/Training - meet with Shreveport neighborhood organizations to discuss solutions for neighborhood issues: litter, illegal signs, unkept residential properties, beautification (landscaping)
  • Litter Control - coordinate neighborhood and school litter cleanups; train volunteers; provide cleanup supplies for organized cleanups; conduct activities to raise awareness about litter and illegal dumping; educate citizens on litter laws and penalties; conduct litter index survey to assess areas with highest litter levels; direct litter information and prevention strategies to areas with highest litter levels.
  • Neighborhood Outreach - provide environmental and neighborhood enhancement coordination services and information to the general public. Educate citizens on methods for reducing pollution and helping them understand the connection between their actions and the environment. In addition, promote neighborhood beauty through plantings and good neighbor recognition.
  • School Outreach - make environmental presentations to Caddo Parish school classrooms/clubs; organize litter cleanups; hold events promoting a litter free city; and help students understand the connection between their actions and their environment.
  • Volunteer Recruitment - recruit, train, inform, and direct citizens to participate in volunteer opportunities to improve the environmental health, cleanliness, and appearance for urban neighborhoods.
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