School Education & Outreach

School Education & Outreach

We believe that it's important to teach the younger generation responsible practices that affect their environment and their health. We believe, that if we make young people aware of their actions and how they impact the environment around them, then they will be more careful and caring when handling solid waste and litter; plant trees to improve air quality and to beautify of their campuses; develop and maintain gardens on campus to enhance its appearance; and recycle more to reduce the use of natural resources.

School Presentations

Students enjoy 20-30 minute presentations on a variety of environmental topics:

  • Urban Forest/Trees - to promote interest and understanding of the importance of city trees or an urban forest to humans and wildlife
  • Water Pollution Prevention - to promote interest and protection of city's drinking water
  • Storm Water Runoff/Storm Drains - to prevent clogged drains and flooding
  • Litter/Solid Waste - to prevent littering and mishandling of solid waste at home and in school
  • Volunteerism - teaching young people to be good stewards of the earth by participating in one of our environmental activities

Teachers may call to request a presentation. We can present to up to 50 students at a time.

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