Shreveport Green History

Who We Are

Shreveport Green was founded in March 1990 as a joint project of the Shreveport Beautification Foundation and the Shreveport Clean Community Commission, with much of the initial support and encouragement coming from the Shreveport Medical Society. In 1992, the Clean Community Commission merged into Shreveport Green and the Shreveport Beautification Foundation downsized to become a granting agency. Currently, Shreveport Green is governed by a board of 24 directors, with the implementation of projects being carried out by a full time staff of four.

Shreveport Green serves the entire community: our main premise being education. We feel that public education can be achieved through many different types of programming, especially in regard to environmental issues. Therefore, in an effort to impact as many people as possible, we operate a variety of programs/services under the umbrella of education.

Our vision for Shreveport is a clean, green, physically enhanced community whose citizens exhibit a strong sense of pride and concern about the environment. We maintain that an attractive city promotes respect and economic development. We advocate for a sustainable environment through the planting of community gardens and orchards; promotion of locally grown produce; and the participation of the community through projects and programs.